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Ben and I began the year with stable duty.  How I can hate housework and like the messier version is still a puzzlement.  Perhaps it is because it is not my standards or the sheer messiness means every step reduces entropy.  Maybe it is because I am not the responsible one - whereas at home there is the larger issue of household management, budgetary missteps, and other aspects which I take as guilt- bearing.  (Hmm, I should work on that to change my attitude...)  I like the stable.  I like picking stalls, not minding manure of the large herbivores, whuffing at the horses and having them breathe in my breath.  I have a favorite broom to sweep the aisle - the only one that is comfortable to use with no adverse back muscle spasms.  I am there to be there, not rushing to go elsewhere or do something else, something more. 

Rubbing Queen down is like embracing bits of a large teddy bear - she never moves and that is why little kids like her in the stall.  She stays.  There is none of the restless scary stepping of the Saddlebreds in the barn.  I cannot reach across her chest from outside the front of one leg to the other side - again, not the Barbie doll Saddlebreds.  Reaching to towel between her hind legs, the rumbles of her belly sound as if some dinosaur were trumpeting.  Queen has the nicest lips on her immense Percheron mouth.  I can imagine the flexibility of an elephant's trunk tip as she whisks sugar candy or carrot off my palm.  Today she was making absolutely sure none of the wedding candy glass was left and sucked on my fingertips - so gentle, so dry(!?!) and almost a sigh as she realized that was the end for the day.
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