mondaymare (mondaymare) wrote in thunderhooves,

AWR v. AWS? Friesian Part-Bloods...

Hello everyone! I'm new and I'm hoping someone out there has some experience trying to register Friesian crosses...

I have a half-Friesian filly who was registered and inspected by FBHR (Friesian Bloodhorse Registry.)  Unfortunately, this registry has experienced some serious turmoil, including a recent split into two "similar but hating each other passionately" registries--FBHR and Friesian Cross Registry. There is a ton of bad blood between the two registries right now and I don't have any faith in either at this point. I'm being told that I can get "new and certified papers" if I turn my old ones in (bearing in mind that I'd waited almost six months just to get them in the first place...) and I'm about ready to wash my hands of the whole mess.

So...I'm trying to figure out where people are registering their Friesian cross-breds and if they're happy with the level of service they're getting.

I'm currently looking at both American Warmblood Society (non-profit) and American Warmblood Registry (for-profit).  Has anyone registered with either of these organizations?  If you have...did they do well by you?  I've spoken to representatives for both and been really impressed with the professionalism.  I'm hoping to find a registry that offers more than just fancy papers--I'm looking for one that rewards horses for performance and showing achievments, a registry that has some semblance of legitimacy in the open market.  

Additionally, those of you who have shown under either venue....were you penalized for the "Friesian body type"?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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