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New here :)

Hi! I've only just found this community, thanks to alabastard adding me to his flist, and I'm rather glad I have. I've been after a heavy horse community for ages!

Having had a quick scan through the member list I'm assuming the majority of you either know me from equestrian or are actually on my flist ... but for those who don't. :P

- 6 years ago I did work experiance with the local show yard Brookfield Shires (at one time, the largest yard in the country)
- I was asked back the following January and worked for them for 4 years, until I was made redundant
- They have since changed their name to Waldburg Shires, are based at Sacrewell Farm Centre, and although I now work elsewhere, I have still been back several times to help at shows/on the yard/etc.

Heavies that I have owned or loaned:
Joshua: 1991-2007

Argyll, Clydesdale gelding. He was actually given to me, but in the end we simply couldn't afford his upkeep - a past attack of laminitis have caused his pedal bones to point upwards, and the corrective shoeing alone was far beyond our finances!

And I currently have Beatrice, until the National Shire Horse show later this month when she has to go back to Waldburgs. :P

And some past photos with Waldburgs for your browsing pleasure:

Horace. I love him. :3

I'm looking forward to seeing photos and hearing stories about your own beautiful beasties!

P.S. And for those of you on DA, you can check out my 'photography' here ... it's more or less always of Shires. :P
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