vtgypsy (vtgypsy) wrote in thunderhooves,

Keuring Videos

Here are the videos from Lieke's big day

When she first entered the ring. You can see she's not a fan of the chip reader. My memory card ran out of space abruptly, so I had to perform a massive delete...

Luckily I didn't miss much. The really tall runner (the one with the whip in this section) was the one who got a walk from Lieke. I didn't get that part on video. I thought she was done, so I stopped filming. I was very confused when I saw the other guy walking her. Her trot is nice, but I have seen better from her.

This is when they brought all the mares back in. The girl walking her was really good about keeping her calm.

And this is where they rank her third, and give her Second Premie after talking about her conformation and movement.

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