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Lieke had an off day...

She was very nervous as soon as she entered the ring. When she gets nervous, her movement gets short and choppy. Her walk was awful. It was so short that the judges were going to give her the white card even though her trot was great, but not the best I've seen from her. The white card basically means NOT BREEDING QUALITY. One of the runners had seen her in the warm up and took her from the other guy who was too in her face and got a good walk from her. Enough that the judges called her back with the rest of the mares. There were only two that didn't get called back. Anyway, she was handled by this girl who was able to keep her relaxed enough to get a normal walk out of her.

The judges gave her Second Premie Ster! even with her "irregular" walk.

This is the runner that couldn't get her to walk, but he got a trot...(this is the best photo my dad got on my camera)


Lieke's dam is now the first Preferent Mare in Australia!

I'll have more pictures soon, my dad has some on his camera, I took a video, and I'm going to see what the professional photos look like.

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