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Must Think Happy Thoughts...

I'm sad. We put down the family dog tonight. In an effort to cheer myself up, I figured I'd subject y'all to an update on Lieke.

She's been at Wish Upon a Ster for about a month now. Every weekend I make the trek across the great state of Maryland (and burn up 1/2 a tank of gas in the process) to spend a few hours with my girl. I will narrate in pictures; I'm not in the mood to write a whole hell of a lot.

This sign always makes me laugh. I'm not sure why.

There's this stone wall that goes on for a mile or so. I love it.

And so does the community.

When she first arrived, she was less than pleased. She did not take kindly to being thrown in "jail".

"I'm innocent! I demand an appeal!"

She has calmed down a lot and settled in nicely.

Her big kind eye.

Fridse, possibly the quietest stallion I've ever seen. When Lieke arrived screaming, she was across the parking lot from him. You'd never know he was there. The other horses were answering her, and he seemed oblivious. During breeding season, no less.

This is from Saturday. Pay no attention to the cow standing next to her. I'm trying to lose weight, and it just ain't happening. Any advice for someone who has no thyroid, therefore no metabolism? I've tried diets, personal trainers, jogging, etc. Who else, other than me, can gain weight on salads?

She's not leaning so far forward in this one.

The trainer, J, saw me with her in the ring. I took her for a walk and we ventured into the indoor. He showed up with a lunge line and whip and played with her for a bit. he really likes her and thinks she's definitely Ster caliber. He doesn't know much English, so Lieke is going to be tri-lingual (Dutch, English, and Spanish).

And just so he's not left out, here's a couple pics of Linus. They were taken with my video camera. I had him in the round pen, and was tying to capture a buck on film. He didn't cooperate. He'd only buck when I put the camera down. He's been pissy lately. They switched fields to give the big pasture a rest, and he flips out when his friends aren't in sight. Our ride on Saturday consisted of walk/halt transitions for 30 minutes trying to get him settled. It wasn't working. So I ended it on a positive note. I got him to halt and stand, then hopped off.
See Mom, I can be a good boy...

Do I hear my friends? Are they coming to save me?

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